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Tell your legislators to say "No" to the bottle tax!

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Connecticut's bottle deposit law (a.k.a. the Bottle Bill) is a convenient and proven-effective way to increase recycling and keep our environment free from bottles and cans that would otherwise litter our roadways, beaches, and open spaces. According to national recycling data, states with deposit systems in place have container recycling rates that are more than twice as high as states without a bottle deposit, making the Bottle Bill one of the most effective environmental laws in Connecticut—ever!

Recently, Connecticut has seen an organized effort by beverage industry groups to repeal the Bottle Bill and replace the bottle deposit with a non-refundable bottle tax. This would eliminate one of Connecticut's most effective environmental programs, resulting in increased litter in our communities, increased costs to taxpayers, and fewer jobs in our state! It's time to tell our legislators in Hartford that the Bottle Bill works and must be preserved!

Email House and Senate leadership today! Urge your legislators to keep the bottles and cans off of our streets and open spaces by preserving Connecticut's container deposit law.


The bottle deposit works because it places a value on bottles and cans that would otherwise end up littering our environment. Eliminating the bottle deposit and replacing it with a tax would destroy any value those containers currently hold, leading to a noticeable increase in pollution along our roads, beaches, and open spaces.

Consumers would also be hurt with a regressive tax. Rather than receive a 100% refundable deposit, consumers would pay a 4-cent tax, which they could not get back. Additionally, it would shift the costs of recycling away from the beverage manufacturers and onto Connecticut taxpayers. Without a refundable bottle deposit, cash-strapped municipalities could see a spike in expenses of up to $6.9 million annually, as they would then be responsible for the collection, storage, and recycling or disposal of beverage containers.

Repealing the Bottle Bill could also result in the loss of more than 1,200 direct, indirect, and induced jobs in our state, as the elimination of the bottle deposit would deal a crippling blow to redemption centers, trucking firms, and other businesses in Connecticut involved with collecting and processing returnable containers. Eliminating the bottle deposit would be a significant step backward for our state's recycling goals and would inevitably lead to more litter in our communities, higher taxes, and the loss of green jobs in Connecticut.

Thank you for taking action. Together we make a difference!


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