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Time is running out to submit your comment on the CT Water Planning Council's (WPC) draft State Water Plan (SWP) for Connecticut. We need a strong plan to guide the CT Legislature in developing policies that protect abundant clean water for drinking and a healthy environment for years to come. Regrettably, the draft plan falls short on recommending concrete, forward-thinking policy solutions to protect our environment and drinking water supplies, especially during times of drought.

We are strongly encouraging members of the public to submit comments on the draft plan and demand that the WPC finalize a plan that protects drinking water supplies and a healthy environment. We can win big on water protection, but we need your help! The deadline to submit comments is Monday, November 20!

Email the WPC today! Urge the Water Planning Council to improve the SWP to ensure that it helps to protect drinking water and a healthy environment!

CCE has identified the following issues that must be addressed in the final CT State Water Plan:

Everyone must conserve water, including large companies: The final SWP should recommend automatic, enforceable conservation measures for large water users, including private water companies and municipalities, during times of drought.
Plan for the inevitability of droughts: Connecticut must complete a drought plan for all 169 towns as soon as possible (with enforceable triggers for when conservation measures must be taken).
Evaluate all existing large water diversions: Many large water diversions were grandfathered in decades ago, with no permit process to evaluate the potential impacts on water supplies. The final SWP should call for a thorough review of all grandfathered registrations (not just expired or unused ones!) to ensure that active diversions do not adversely impact water levels.
Protect healthy streams: Maintaining streamflows is critical to protecting water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife. The plan should recommend that the loophole that allows water withdrawals attained through groundwater pumping be closed and require those withdrawals to be subject to Connecticut's streamflow regulations.

Thank you for taking action. Together we make a difference!


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