End Single-Use Bag Pollution in New York State

We need a statewide policy to reduce disposable bag use and encourage reusable bags!

Take Action Now

The NYS Plastic Bag Task Force, which was formed by Governor Cuomo in February, is anticipated to release its proposal for a statewide policy that reduces disposable bag use by the end of this year. We need New York State to move forward with a statewide, comprehensive policy that ensures that New Yorkers finally stop using single-use bags—both plastic and paper—and make a permanent switch to reusable bags. Experience from communities around the nation and the globe has shown that the most effective way to accomplish this is by banning single-use plastic bags and placing a small fee on paper bags.

Plastic bags litter our parks, pollute our waterways, and hurt wildlife. Plastic bags also litter our streets, which then clog storm drains and cause localized flooding. Paper bags require cutting down millions of trees and require more energy to produce and transport than plastic bags. Both plastic and paper bags are unnecessary and environmentally harmful. The cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative is reusable bags!

The NYS Plastic Bag Task Force is currently accepting public comments on single-use bag reduction policies. Send an email today, and urge New York to move forward with a ban on plastic bags, coupled with a fee on paper bags, in the upcoming state budget for SFY 2018-19.


A dozen local governments in New York State have effectively made the switch from single-use carry-out bags to reusable bags. However, plastic pollution is an issue that impacts the entire state. It would be beneficial to tackle this issue on the state level, rather than piecemeal through local laws. Recognizing this, Governor Cuomo formed the New York Plastic Bag Task Force to develop a proposal for a statewide bag policy. The Plastic Bag Task Force now wants to hear what bag policy New Yorkers support, and it needs to hear from you!

Banning plastic bags and placing a small fee on paper bags can result in a 90% reduction in single-use bag use, save municipalities millions of dollars in bag cleanup costs, and significantly reduce litter in our communities. Governor Cuomo can lead the way in ending single-use bag pollution by including a ban on plastic bags and fee on paper bags in his executive budget proposal for SFY 2018-19.

Thank you for taking action. Together we make a difference!


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