Celebrating 2017's Accomplishments

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Despite unprecedented attacks on our environment at the federal level in 2017, we are still achieving significant victories in our campaigns to protect our land, air, and water resources. Thank you all for your help writing letters and emails, signing petitions, attending events, and speaking out to protect our environment and public health in New York and Connecticut. Thank you for all of your support over the last 30+ years—we could not have been so successful without you!

Check out this thank you video from CCE's Executive Director, Adrienne Esposito.

As we gear up for the year ahead, let's celebrate some of our favorite moments and victories of the year:

Congress maintained funding for the U.S Environmental Protection Agency's budget, despite a proposal by the President to devastate the agency with a 31% cut.
The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was fully funded at $300M, and Long Island Sound funding was doubled, despite proposals by the President to eliminate these critical programs.
Connecticut's most effective recycling law—the Bottle Bill—was saved despite industry efforts to repeal the landmark law.
New York State made a historic $2.5B investment in protecting clean water and upgrading water infrastructure.
New York State approved a $300M Environmental Protection Fund, which will protect our waterways, preserve open space, and restore critical habitat in every region of the state.
Pharmaceutical take-back programs for residents are now more accessible than ever, leading to the safe disposal of over 60,000 lbs of unused drugs through our statewide program in NY.
Connecticut authorized pharmacies to take back unwanted medications, which will help reduce flushing of drugs and protect CT's water quality.
CCE released an interactive map of 1,4-dioxane contamination on Long Island, which contributed to New York's commitment to develop a drinking water standard for the contaminant.
New York State committed full funding to divert treated sewage from Bay Park into the ocean, allowing the health of the Western Bays to recover.
Connecticut banned the use of coal-tar sealcoats on state highways, which will help protect our waters from harmful toxins.

From protecting our ocean and Great Lakes to preventing plastic pollution to promoting renewable energy projects, we need your support to continue and grow our campaigns in 2018.

You can't count on industry to regulate itself, and you can't always count on lawmakers to act in your best interest. You can, however, count on us. We hope we can count on you too! Please help with a tax-deductible, year-end gift today.

Thank you for your support. Together we make a difference!


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