Message from Our Executive Director, Adrienne Esposito

We can have both clean energy and land preservation

CCE Members and Friends,

Recently I have learned that some are lying about and distorting CCE's position and work on important environmental protection issues. Legislation to preserve land that would have resulted in the cancellation of two solar projects was recently vetoed by the Governor. CCE and other leading environmental organizations support that veto. Let's be clear—CCE strongly believes that both land preservation and clean, safe renewable energy are necessary and achievable. Unfortunately the Long Island Pine Barrens Society is spreading fake news. As you are aware, CCE has worked tirelessly to preserve lands in Nassau and Suffolk County for over three decades. Also, we are one of the original organizations that fought for and helped establish the vitally important NYS Environmental Protection Fund, with an emphasis on land preservation.

Over the last decade we have successfully worked to advance the use of solar and wind power. It is imperative that we transition away from dirty fossil fuels and move towards clean, safe solar energy and wind power in order for our island to be sustainable in the millennium. Some are working to stop solar and wind in order to keep the existing antiquated fossil fuel power plants. We oppose this insidious plot, which is not in the best interest of Long Island.

CCE has been hard at work to advance a plan to relocate one of the proposed solar farms to a more suitable location and preserve both parcels of valuable undeveloped lands. To say we are doing otherwise is just slander.

Thank you for your support. Together we make a difference!


All of Us at CCE