We Deserve the Right to Know How the Brookhaven Landfill Impacts Our Health and Environment

We need air quality testing during odor events at Frank P. Long School and in the community!

A recent ABC 7 news report investigated the ongoing fight to protect the Brookhaven community and Frank P. Long School from odors and air contaminants emanating from the Brookhaven Landfill. Unfortunately, we still do not know the human health or environmental impacts of air pollution from the landfill because we still do not have adequate air quality testing.

We need to know what contaminants community members are exposed to, and at what levels.

CCE has requested multiple times that air testing be done when strong odors are detected at Frank P. Long School and in surrounding communities. The Town of Brookhaven and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have refused to address this important air testing need. Ignorance isn't bliss; it is dangerous.

Join CCE and our partners in the Brookhaven Community Coalition in calling on DEC and the Town of Brookhaven to test air quality during odor events at Frank P. Long School and in communities surrounding Brookhaven Landfill.

Call the NYS DEC Odor Complaint Line (631-444-0380) and Town Supervisor Edward Romaine (631-451-9100) today, using the tips below.

1) State your name and address.
2) Explain your concerns about environmental and health impacts from the Brookhaven Landfill.
3) Ask them to conduct air quality testing during odor events at Frank P. Long School and in the surrounding communities.


Brookhaven residents have long complained of overwhelming odors and are concerned that a myriad of health impacts, including dizziness, rashes, respiratory issues, headaches, and even cases of cancer, might be associated with living or working near the landfill. A recent ABC 7 story cited 35 cases of cancer among teachers at the Frank P. Long School, which is located at the foot of the landfill. Community members report experiencing the worst of their health impacts during or after odor events. We need air quality data to determine the true environmental and health impacts of this air pollution when odors are at their worst.

For a good summary and timeline of concerns about the Brookhaven Landfill, check out this video. And, if you live or work near the landfill, join the Brookhaven Community Watch Facebook group to help document odors and voice your concerns about the landfill.

Thank you for taking action. Together we make a difference!


All of Us at CCE