2018 Connecticut Victories

CCE wins big on protecting public health and the environment!

The 2018 CT legislative session has come to an end, but not before achieving several important victories for the environment! With your help, CCE successfully worked to advance several priority bills at the CT General Assembly this year.

Without our members we would not be successful, and we need your help to keep winning in 2018! Please take a moment to show your support for CCE's work during the legislative session and make a contribution today.

CCE's 2018 Victories in Connecticut:

Updated and Improved Sewage Right-to-Know Law:
We led the charge on legislation requiring wastewater treatment plant operators to report sewer overflows electronically and notify municipal mayors and first selectmen whenever a sewage spill threatens local waterways. By providing towns with timely notice whenever rivers and streams are contaminated with sewage overflows, communities can take the necessary precautions to protect families from exposure to harmful pathogens and disease-causing bacteria.
Statewide Ban on Dangerous Automatic Pesticide Misters:
Pesticide misters create a fine mist of pesticides to combat mosquitoes and other pests but can wreak havoc on non-target species such as bees and other pollinators, contaminate organic agriculture, and threaten public health. This legislation will ensure that these dangerous products are no longer used on residential properties!
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Bill (Passed with Bipartisan Support):
We supported this legislation aimed at adapting to climate change impacts by incorporating sea level rise projections into our state plans of conservation and development. The bill also helps to curb climate change by requiring a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030!
Protecting Chemical Plants (and Nearby Residents!) from Sea Level Rise:
This legislation will ensure chemical plants in the coastal region develop emergency response plans to deal with extreme weather and sea level rise associated with climate change. Planning ahead is critical to protecting nearby residents in the event of extreme floods and other natural disasters, which could expose them to dangerous chemicals.

CCE is committed to making Connecticut a cleaner, greener, safer place for you and your family. Celebrate these hard-won victories with us, and show your support with a contribution today. We need your help to keep winning!

Thank you for your support. Together we make a difference!


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