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Our water resources support a healthy environment and a sustainable economy; however, growing threats, including industrial pollution and impacts from climate change, put our waters at risk. Recently, large water bottling firms and other private interests have sought to exploit Connecticut's water resources for profit. Irresponsible use of CT's waters could lead to severe drinking water shortages, insufficient stream flows to sustain vital waterways and aquatic wildlife, and interference with recreational uses. Now is the time to plan for water protection!

Connecticut's Plan for Water Protection
The State Water Plan (SWP) was crafted to serve as a long-term water management plan to protect CT's water for current and future generations. The final plan took more than a year to develop and cost over $1 million to complete. The process involved dozens of stakeholders from diverse constituencies across the state, including water utilities, state agencies, and conservation and environmental groups. In addition, thousands of CT residents weighed in on the development of the plan during the public comment period. The WPC has completed the difficult job of preparing a balanced plan. Now the SWP must be adopted by the CT General Assembly.

What's in the Plan?
The SWP identifies several science-driven water policy options the CT General Assembly can adopt to help balance our state's diverse water supply needs, protect our rivers and streams, and ensure ample high-quality drinking water for CT's communities, including but not limited to:

Ensuring that industry conserves and doesn't waste CT's water.
Eliminating water diversions that are outdated and no longer needed.
Protecting drinking water supplies, especially during times of drought.

The Final Plan Must Recognize Water as a Public Trust Resource
Very importantly, the final SWP recognizes that Connecticut's water is a public resource and, as such, should be held in the public trust. Holding water in the public trust ensures the public's inherent right to clean water, to be involved in the management of our water resources, and to intervene if that resource is threatened. Private interests have come out in opposition to including public trust language in the final plan—we need your support to ensure that it is included in the adopted plan!

Email House and Senate leadership and tell them to adopt the State Water Plan as soon as possible!

Connecticut needs a long-term water management plan to act as the foundation for future water policy decision making. The CT General Assembly should side with the public, not large, private interests seeking to exploit and profit from Connecticut's high quality water resources. Lawmakers in Hartford should act swiftly to approve the final SWP as soon as possible!

Thank you for taking action. Together we make a difference!


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