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New York State Says NO to Broadwater! The Public Prevails Over Big Oil.

On April 10, 2008, NY Governor David Paterson announced that New York State found the Broadwater proposal to violate the Coastal Zone Management Act and ruled the project inconsistent with the values and uses of the Sound. This challenging campaign to stop Broadwater spanned three years, and CCE is eternally grateful to every person who wrote a letter, attended a public hearing, made a phone call, and stood up to keep Shell Oil from industrializing Long Island Sound. This victory for Long Island Sound was won by the thousands of citizens, organizations, and elected officials who worked tirelessly to ensure the Sound’s integrity is preserved for future generations.

What Was Broadwater?

Broadwater, a joint venture between Shell Oil and TransCanada, was a proposal to place a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal in the middle of the Sound, approximately 9 miles from Rocky Point. The LNG terminal would have been permanently moored to the bottom of LIS—destroying 13,000 square feet of critical habitat for lobsters. The LNG terminal would also require 2-3 LNG tankers per week, causing constant disruption to the waterway. A new 22-mile pipeline would have been required to transport the gas into the existing Iroquois Pipeline.

The massive LNG terminal would have forever changed the way we currently use the Sound!

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