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Image of a mother strapping her child into a car seat.

Children at Risk

Children's products contain over 80,000 chemicals, many of which are not properly researched and regulated. Currently, New York identifies or prohibits the use of dangerous chemicals on a chemical by chemical basis, which means potentially harmful chemicals can be used in anything from toys to bedding to personal care products to baby clothes. Toxic chemicals used in these products have links to cancer, reproductive problems, learning disabilities, and chronic health problems. Children are especially vulnerable to these chemicals due to their small size and developing bodies, their proximity to the ground, and their tendency to put their hands in their mouth.

Child-Safe Products

New York and Connecticut need to take a comprehensive look at chemicals used in children's products, as opposed to going on a case-by-case basis. Enacting comprehensive child safe products legislation would:

  • Compile a list of the chemicals of high concern.
  • Provide a framework for banning the most toxic chemicals.
  • Require manufacturers to disclose potential toxic chemicals used in their products.
  • Promote safe alternatives to harmful chemicals.

States such as Washington, California, and Maine have adopted more comprehensive chemical policies. It is imperative that New York and Connecticut reduce childhood exposure to toxic chemicals and pass legislation to protect children from harmful chemicals in children's products.

Updated by bsmith 6/29/15