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Image of the Forge River.The Forge River has experienced poor water quality since the early part of the 20th century. The combination of antiquated cesspools, failing septic systems, polluting duck farms, population growth, and polluted stormwater runoff have adversely and severely degraded the river. The upper Forge River is included in the NYS DEC 303 (d) list as an impaired water body for pathogens, nitrogen, and dissolved oxygen/oxygen demand.

Draft Watershed Management Plan

The Town of Brookhaven crafted a Draft Watershed Management Plan for the Forge River. This plan can be used as a guide to restoring the river to a healthy water body for marine life and community members.

Read the Draft Watershed Management Plan on the Forge River

Read CCE’s comments on the draft plan

Duck Farm

There were previously several duck farms adjacent to the Forge River that were contributing to the nutrient input and consequentially, degradation of the river. The DEC found that on over a dozen counts, the Jurgielewicz Duck Farm violated the terms and conditions of their state pollutant discharge elimination system (SPDES) permit. In June of 2011, the Jurgielewicz Duck Farm shut down operations. The DEC is currently in a lawsuit with the farm owners, mandating that they pay $150,000 in fines and submit a cleanup plan for the polluted site left behind. As of January, 2012, these items have not yet been submitted. CCE continues to advocate that the site be fully restored.

Read the DEC order

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