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CCE works to advance legislation that will protect our natural environment and public health, while working to oppose legislation that will have an adverse impact on our shared environment.

The Connecticut General Assembly is the legislative branch of State Government. Made up of the House of Representatives (151 members) and the Senate (36 members), it enacts laws dealing with the collection and allocation of funds, public welfare, the environment, education, public works, civil and criminal law and other matters. Regular sessions of the Connecticut General Assembly are held from January to June in odd-numbered years, and from February to May in even-numbered years.

Below is a list of proposed legislation that CCE is working to advance or oppose in the 2011 State of Connecticut Legislative Session.


Reducing Disposable Bags in Connecticut (SB 58)

Plastic bags are ubiquitous litter and often end up polluting our waterways, endangering marine life, and clogging gutters and sewers. Every year, Connecticut uses approximately 400 million plastic bags. CCE is advocating for a 5 cent fee on all disposable paper and plastic bags.
CCE’s Memo of Support on Reducing Disposable Bags in Connecticut

Victory! Supporting the State Permitting Process (SB 1019)

The CT Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for reviewing all permit applications to ensure that important environmental standards are being met. CCE opposes efforts to weaken this process by giving rubberstamp approval to permits that are not reviewed within 90 days, regardless of potential environmental or public health threats.
CCE’s Memo of Opposition on Expediting the State Permitting Process
CCE’s campaign to Stop the Attack on Connecticut’s Environment

Victory! SOS: Save our Streams (SB 1020)

Streamflow regulations protect our rivers and streams from excess diversion, overdevelopment, and toxic contamination. CCE worked to oppose legislation that would have undermined existing streamflow regulations by removing science-based decision making standards in favor of maximizing corporate profits.
CCE’s Memo of Opposition on "An Act to Drain our Streams Dry"
CCE’s campaign to Stop the Attack on Connecticut’s Environment

Say “NO” to a Wind Power Moratorium (HB 6249)

The General Assembly has adopted the goal of generating 20% of the State’s energy with renewable. CCE has opposed efforts to enact a moratorium on new windpower projects statewide.
CCE’s Memo of Opposition on Enacting a Windpower Moratorium

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