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CCE works to advance legislation that will protect our natural environment and public health, while working to oppose legislation that will have an adverse impact on our shared environment. The New York State Legislative Session occupies the first six months of each year (January to June), although, as events arise, it can be extended into July, August, or later. Below is a list of proposed legislation that CCE will be working to advance in the 2012 New York State Legislative Session.


Sewage Right to Know (S. 6268A – Grisanti / A. 9420A – Sweeney)

Provides the public with more information about sewage spills in a timely manner and in an effective way. Currently sewage spills occur but the public is not notified about these overflows and have been out swimming, fishing, boating, etc in water filled with potential life threatening bacteria, toxins, pathogens and chemicals. Prompt notification of any sewage spills, violations or exceedance will initiate proactive and preventative measures to alert the public.
CCE’s Memo of Support for Sewage Right to Know

Home Rule Clarification

Clarifies that current local zoning law, and local zoning laws enacted in the future, will dictate where oil, gas, and solution mining is a permissible use, even with a regulatory program at the state level. The legislation affirms that local governments are able to utilize zoning ordinances to protect shared infrastructure, public health, and environmental quality from inherent risks of industrial oil and gas development in their communities.
CCE’s Memo of Support for Home Rule Clarification

Uniform Treatment of Waste (A. 7013 – Sweeney / S. 4616 – Avella)

Currently, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation regulations exempt wastes from oil and gas exploration, extraction, development, and production from being regulated as hazardous waste. This legislation will ensure that waste from oil and gas activities that are hazardous are classified as such and, therefore, properly handled and disposed of to protect public health and the environment.
CCE’s Memo of Support for Uniform Treatment of Waste

Natural Gas Production Contamination Response and Compensation Programs (A. 8572 – Sweeney/ S. 6543 – Libous)

Contamination from incidents or accidents from natural gas production pose a threat to the economy and environment of New York. The Natural Gas Production Contamination Response and Compensation Program would ensure the timely cleanup of dangerous contamination caused by any element of the natural gas production process, and provide for efficient resolution to related damage claims and recovery of costs from liable parties.
CCE’s Memo of Support for a Natural Gas Production Contamination Response & Compensation Program

Bring Your Own Bag Bill (S. 6580 – Grisanti)

Americans alone throw away over 100 billion single use bags a year. Every hour, approximately 200,000 plastic bags are landfilled and take 1,000 years to break down. Single use bags are unnecessary and pose a threat to the environment, especially to wildlife and marine species that may come in contact with littered plastic bags. Plastic is often confused as food sources and are consequently digested by many marine animals and can cause death.
CCE’s Memo of Support for the Bring Your Own Bag Bill

Pharmaceutical Disposal Demonstration Program (A. 9421 – Sweeney/ S. 6857 – Grisanti)

New York should promote the safe disposal of unused and expired medication, while preventing adverse impacts of pharmaceuticals in the environment. Pharmaceutical collection events have proven effective but are infrequent and may not be widely accessible to all residents in the state.
CCE’s Memo of Support for the Pharmaceutical Disposal Demonstration Program

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