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CCE works to advance legislation that will protect our natural environment and public health, while working to oppose legislation that will have an adverse impact on our shared environment. The New York State Legislative Session occupies the first six months of each year. Below is a list of proposed legislation that CCE will be working to advance in the 2013 New York State Legislative Session.



Bring Your Own Bag (S. 1670 - Grisanti/ A. 1148 - Cahill)

Encourages the use of reusable shopping bags by imposing a five cent surcharge on disposable shopping bags.
CCE's Memo of Support on Bring Your Own Bag Legislation

Pharmaceutical Take-Back Program (S. 642 - Stavisky/ A. 1584 - Maisel)

Creates a producer responsibility program for taking back for unused pharmaceuticals at long term care facilities and hospitals.
CCE's Memo of Support for a Pharmaceutical Take-Back Program

Long Island Surface Water Protection (A. 1047 - Sweeney)

Adds surface water protections to Long Island's groundwater protection program.
CCE's Memo of Support for Long Island Surface Water Protection

Child-Safe Products (S. 4614 - Boyle/ A. 6328 - Sweeney)

Establishes a list of priority toxic chemicals found in children's products and bans the sale of products containing those chemicals.
CCE’s Memo of Support for Child-Safe Products

Prohibiting BPA in Receipts (A. 1654 - Maisel)

Prohibits the use of Bisphenol A (BPA), a toxic chemical, in receipts.
CCE's Memo of Support for BPA Receipt Ban

Hydro-Fracking Moratorium (S. 4236 - Avella/ A. 5424a - Sweeney)

Enacts a two year moratorium on hydro-fracking, until a health study is completed.
CCE's Memo of Support for a Hydro-fracking Moratorium

Ban TDCPP from Children's Products (S. 3703 - Grisanti/ A. 4741 - Sweeney)

Bans TDCPP, a toxic flame retardant, in products made for children 3 and under.
CCE's Memo of Support for TDCPP Ban

Set Up Collection for Mercury Thermostats (A. 1048 - Sweeney)

Implements a program for collecting and properly disposing of mercury thermostats.
CCE's Memo of Support for Mercury Thermostat Collection

NY Solar Bill (S. 2522 - Maziarz/ A. 5060 - Englebright)

Establishes tax credits for companies investing in solar energy over the next 10 years.
CCE's Memo of Support for Solar Bill

Coal Tar Sealant Prohibition (S.4381- Marcellino/ A. 630- Rosenthal)

Prohibits the use of toxic coal tar sealers in pavement products.
CCE's Memo of Support for Coal Tar Sealant Prohibition

Hudson River Park Amendments (A.8031 – Gottfried/ S. 5824 - Rules Committee)

Allows for irresponsible development on the shores of the lower Hudson and shifts storm damage liability to New York State taxpayers.
CCE's Memo of Opposition

Local Food Procurement (A.5102 - Peoples-Stokes/ S.4061 – Ritchie)

Advances local food procurement from New York State farm and food producers.
CCE's Memo of Support

Mercury Thermostat Collection (A. 8084 – Sweeney/ S.1676A – Grisanti)

Creates a program for the collection, transportation, recycling, disposal and proper management of thermostats.
CCE's Memo of Support

Shark Fin Possession Ban (A.1769B – Maisel/ S.1711B – Grisanti)

Prohibits the possession, sale, offer of sale, trade, or distribution of shark fins.
CCE's Memo of Support


CCE's Budget Testimony - outlines CCE's budget priorities for 2013

CCE's Memo of Support for the 2013-2014 proposed Environmental Protection Fund

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