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CCE works to advance legislation that will protect our natural environment and public health, while working to oppose legislation that will have an adverse impact on our shared environment. Regular sessions of the Connecticut General Assembly are held from January to June in odd-numbered years and from February to May in even-numbered years.

Below is a list of proposed legislation that CCE is working to advance or oppose in the 2016 State of Connecticut Legislative Session.


Eliminating Toxic Flame Retardants in Children's Products and Furniture (HB 5299)

Phases out the use of toxic flame retardants in household furniture and products designed for children under 12.
CCE's Memo of Support on Banning Flame Retardants

GMO Labeling for Children's Food (HB 5300)

Requires labeling of children's food containing GMOs, to allow consumers to make informed decisions about the food they purchase.
CCE's Memo of Support on GMO Labeling

Inhibiting the Shared Clean Energy Pilot Program (HB 5427)

Unnecessarily delays the implementation Connecticut's shared clean energy pilot program.
CCE's Memo of Opposition on Delaying the Shared Clean Energy Pilot Program

Supporting Pollinator Health (SB 231)

Restricts the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, while using native plantings and other strategies to support pollinator habitat in Connecticut.
CCE's Memo of Support on Protecting Pollinator Health

Prioritizing Public Water Rights (SB 422)

Prioritizes public drinking water rights over large private users, such as commercial water bottlers, during public water supply emergencies.
CCE's Memo of Support on Water Rights

Recycling of Consumer Household Batteries (SB 232)

Adds household batteries to Connecticut's curbside recycling program, instead of establishing an effective Extended Producer Responsibility program.
CCE's Memo of Opposition on Curbside Battery Recycling

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