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CCE works to advance legislation that will protect our natural environment and public health, while working to oppose legislation that will have an adverse impact on our shared environment. Regular sessions of the Connecticut General Assembly are held from January to June in odd-numbered years and from February to May in even-numbered years.

Below is a list of proposed legislation that CCE is working to advance or oppose in the 2017 State of Connecticut Legislative Session.


Allowing for the Collection of Unused Pharmaceuticals at Retail Pharmacies (HB 5077)

Requires the CT Dept. of Consumer Protection to approve regulations allowing retail pharmacies to set up collection programs for unused and expired pharmaceutical drugs.
CCE's Memo of Support on Expanding Access to Safe Rx Disposal

Increasing the Handling Fees Paid to Redemption Centers Under the CT Bottle Bill (HB 5618)

Increases the amount of handling fees paid by beverage distributors to redemption centers to allow for a more sustainable, cost-effective bottle deposit system.
CCE's Memo of Support on Increasing Beverage Container Handling Fees in CT

Expanding and Improving Connecticut's Bottle Deposit Law (HB 5877)

Expands Connecticut's bottle deposit law to include juices, teas, sports drinks, and other non-carbonated beverage containers, and increases the amount of the deposit from five to ten cents.
CCE's Memo of Support on Increasing Beverage Container Handling Fees in CT

Prohibiting Coal Tar Sealants on State and Local Highways (HB 5884)

Prohibits the use of coal tar-based sealants on any State or local highway in Connecticut, due to their adverse impacts on aquatic ecosystems and wildlife.
CCE's Memo of Support on Banning Coal Tar Sealants

Establishing a 5-Cent Fee on Disposable Bags (HB 6313)

Establishes a 5-cent fee on disposable paper and plastic bags at the checkout counter to encourage the public to make the shift toward reusable bags.
CCE's Memo of Support on Establishing a Fee on Single Use Shopping Bags

Prohibiting Hazardous Fracking Waste in Connecticut (HB 6329)

Enacts a permanent ban on the storage, treatment, and disposal of hazardous fracking waste in Connecticut.
CCE's Memo of Support on Permanently Banning Fracking Waste in CT

Repealing Connecticut's Ratepayer-Paid Gas Infrastructure Tax (HB 6546)

Prohibits surcharges from being levied against electric ratepayers to subsidize increased oil and gas pipeline capacity in Connecticut.
CCE's Memo of Support on Repealing CT's Pipeline Tax

Stop the Millstone Nuclear Giveaway (SB 106)

Allows Millstone Nuclear Power Station to compete with Class 1 and Class 2 renewables for long-term power purchase agreements with the State.
CCE's Memo of Opposition on Using Nukes to Meet Connecticut's Clean Energy Goals

Stop the CT Bottle Tax (SB 996)

Eliminates Connecticut's 5-cent deposit on bottles and cans and replaces it with a non-refundable 4-cent bottle tax.
CCE's Memo of Opposition on Repealing CT's Bottle Bill

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