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CCE works to advance legislation that will protect our natural environment and public health, while working to oppose legislation that will have an adverse impact on our shared environment. Below is a list of proposed legislation and budget items that CCE will be working to advance or oppose in the 2017 New York State legislative session.


Ban 1,4-Dioxane (A.8185 – Englebright / S.6603 – Hannon)

Bans household cleansing products that contain 1,4-dioxane.
CCE's Memo of Support of Banning 1,4-Dioxane

Expand Zero Emission Vehicle Sales and Service (A.8248 – Morelle / S.6600 – Amedore)

Gives more New Yorkers the option to purchase and service zero emission vehicles all across the state.
CCE's Memo in Support of Expanding Zero Emission Vehicle Sales and Service

Paint Stewardship (A.1038 – Stirpe / S.881 – O'Mara)

Requires paint manufactures and retailers to establish a statewide paint recycling program.
CCE's Memo in Support of Paint Stewardship

Modernize the Pesticide Reporting Law (A.5185 – Englebright)

Requires electronic submission of annual pesticide data.
CCE's Memo in Support of Modernizing the Pesticide Reporting Law

Septic System Replacement Fund Fix (A. 7892 – Englebright / S.6317 – Hannon)

Authorizes septic system installers to receive direct reimbursement from the Septic System Replacement Fund.
CCE's Memo in Support of the Septic Replacement Fix

Wetlands Protection (A.6282- Englebright / S.1749 – Latimer)

Authorizes the NYSDEC to protect and regulate all New York State wetlands one acre or greater.
CCE's Memo in Support of Wetlands Protection

Environmental Rights (A. 6279 – Englebright / S. 5287 – Carlucci)

Gives New Yorkers a constitutional right to clean air and water.
CCE's Memo in Support of Environmental Rights

Pine Barrens Expansion (A.7722b –Enblebright / S. 6157b – LaValle)

Expands core preservation area of the central Pine Barrens.
CCE's Memo of Support of Pine Barrens Expansion

Protect Long Island Water (A. 2623 – Englebright / S. 3213 – LaValle)

Protects Long Island water resources at land clearing debris facilities and compost facilities.
CCE's Memo in Support of Protecting Long Island Water

Suffolk Bag Fee Preemption (S6717 – Rules)

Prohibits Suffolk County from implementing a disposable bag fee.
CCE's Memo in Opposition to Suffolk Bag Fee Preemption

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