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Image of a sewage outflow.CCE works at the local, state and federal level to adopt stronger policies to eliminate sewage pollution, provide adequate funding for our sewage infrastructure, and mandate public notification when sewage overflows occur.

Sewage campaigns:

Sewage Pollution Right to Know
Overflows from aging and failing sewage treatment infrastructure release billions of gallons of raw sewage and industrial waste into local waterways each year, exposing citizens to disease carrying pathogens and dangerous toxins. Public notification allows individuals and families to make healthier, more informed choices to protect themselves by reducing the risks of exposure.

Report! Sewage in the Suburbs – 2011 Long Island STP Report Card

Victory! CCE has worked to pass legislation in New York and Connecticut that mandates public notification whenever raw or partially treated sewage contaminates local waterways.

Clean Water Infrastructure
Many communities throughout New York State and Connecticut are served by aging and failing sewage infrastructure. Sewage infrastructure that is overwhelmed or dilapidated can result in billions of gallons of raw or partially treated sewage being released in to the environment before reaching a treatment plant. When infrastructure fails to protect local waterways more than just water quality is lost: beaches are forced to close, the tourism industry suffers, and local economies lose revenue. Properly functioning sewage collection and treatment facilities are instrumental in assuring a safe environment, thriving economies, and healthy citizens.

Victory! Jones Beach Outfall Pipe Hook-up to Ocean Outfall Completed

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