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Source: WSHU

Suffolk County Holds Hearings On Water Quality


Posted: September 13, 2016
Originally Published: September 12, 2016

At a joint hearing in Smithtown, New York, State Senate and Assembly Committees heard testimony on Suffolk County’s ongoing nitrogen water quality problem.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, who testified at the hearing, wants state and federal partners to help come up with a plan to fix the nitrogen problem by the end of the year.

He says there has to be a way to replace septic systems with modern sewer technology that can treat wastewater better.

“I am willing and eager to discuss any constructive suggestion to improve what this broad coalition has proposed to protect water quality. We cannot wait any longer.”

Adrienne Esposito from the Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment says the county is at a crossroads in determining what to do with its water resources.

“We have a lot of work to do: we are fighting toxics, fighting untreated sewage and fighting for the sustainability of this island.”

Suffolk County recently allocated funds for water quality protection.