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Source: Newsday

Give water purity high priority


Posted: March 17, 2017
Originally Published: March 16, 2017

The good news is that Long Island’s environmental threats are now before Albany leadership [“NY pols eye $5B for water fix,” News, March 6]. The bad news is this is still the subject of political wrangling.

Politicians seek to horse-trade for projects, to gain partisan advantage for some cause or to advance their own agendas. However, the issue of water protection needs to be viewed as a public safety priority on the same level as police and fire protection. Any doubts about the urgency of protecting water supplies could be dispelled by serving tap water at the next political caucus.

It’s for that reason that groups as diverse as the Long Island Contractors’ Association, the Long Island Water Conference and the Citizens Campaign for the Environment are working together to support a proposal that would invest billions of dollars to protect our island, our region and our state.

Marc Herbst, Hauppauge

Editor’s note: The writer is the executive director of the Long Island Contractors’ Association, located in Hauppauge.