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Water under the bridge?

Water to-do list


Posted: May 24, 2017
Originally Published: May 24, 2017

The latest installment in what’s become an annual Long Island environmental tradition will take place Thursday when the Long Island Clean Water Partnership holds its sixth annual water conference.

This time, the part of the agenda that focuses on progress made over the past year will be longer than usual.

“There have been a lot of very meaningful changes,” said Adrienne Esposito, executive director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, whose group formed the partnership with the Group for the East End, Long Island Pine Barrens Society and The Nature Conservancy.

Successes include Suffolk County’s plan to reduce nitrogen coming from septic systems, ongoing work to map nitrogen levels in every Long Island watershed, and $2.5 billion in the recently approved state budget for water quality.

On the to-do list: exploring the possibility of creating a countywide sewer district in Suffolk. Supporters say such a move could make it easier to upgrade sewers throughout the county and to tap into federal infrastructure dollars should President Donald Trump succeed in his proposal for a $1 trillion plan.

Pulling that off would give the partnership plenty to talk about at next year’s conference.