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Source: CNY Central

Plastic bag ban proposal debated in Madison County

Posted: July 26, 2017
Originally Published: July 25, 2017


People in Madison County are weighing a proposal to get rid of plastic bags in the county.

Lawmakers are considering banning the bags at grocery and drug stores. Supporters say it will help clean up the environment, while others argue they're the most reliable way to carry things.

Madison County could be the first in Central New York to ban plastic bags if the proposal is approved. The county board has already received a number of emails, letters and more from neighbors expressing their feelings; 138 responses support the ban, 36 oppose it.

Hanna Ring, Program Director for Citizens Campaign for the Environment, has been heavily involved in the push for the ban. She also feels adding a 5- to 10-cent paper bag fee can eliminate waste altogether. "Where the county is going with the plastic bag ban is tremendous and it's right in the right direction, but we also need a ban on paper because the manufacturing and recycling and disposal of paper has just as many impacts on the environment," Ring said. "We can't just have the county solve one problem and neglect the problems of paper bag pollution."

However Christine Wnorowski, Executive Director of the Key of St. Peter's Charitable Consignment Shop, warned in a statement that the ban could have unintended, and costly, consequences:

When the plastic ban was suggested, we realized that the cost of going from plastic to paper bags would double our supply cost, thus reducing our donation funds. Small businesses would be greatly affected should this proposal pass.

A public hearing to further discuss the proposal is being held Tuesday evening.