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Source: News 12 Long Island

LIers seek ways to save energy amid heat wave

Posted: July 8, 2010
Originally Published: July 7, 2010

BELLMORE - As both temperatures and energy usage have reached record highs this week, residents are searching for ways to save power and cash.

People can reduce their electricity bill by unplugging appliances, including air conditioners and coffee makers, when they aren't in use.

According to LIPA, an average coffee maker uses 8.8 kilowatt hours a month to the tune of $1.40, while a clothes dryer can run nearly $15 a month.

Experts say 75 percent of electricity used for power appliances is consumed while the products are off.

"All of that adds to your energy bill, adds to the energy load and it's bad for the environment," says Adrienne Espositio, of Citizens Campaign for the Environment.