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Source: Long Island Press

Long Island Grocery Store Report Card Lists 3 Failures


Posted: August 5, 2010
Originally Published: August 5, 2010

The Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) released the inaugural “BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag): Reusable Bag Policies at Long Island Grocery Stores” report Thursday.

The report, which rated the reusable bag policies of fourteen long island grocery chains, yielded wide-ranging results, with grades running from A+ to F. Stores were rated on a number of criteria including sale and promotion of reusable bags, signage within the store and in parking lots to remind consumers to bring bags, monetary incentives, employee education, and consumer education on reusable bag options. The grading rubric used in the report can be found here.

Trader Joe’s received the lowest numerical score of 38/100, resulting in an F. King Kullen and Uncle Guiseppe’s were the two Long Island-based chains that received a failing grade.

Whole Foods and Stop & Shop rose to the head of the class, both receiving an A+.

Here’s a guide to which local stores are the most reusable-bag friendly:

* All chains (with the exception of Trader Joe’s) support education programs encouraging consumers to opt for reusable bags when shopping.

* Whole Foods offers the largest monetary incentive–a .10 rebate for each reusable bag you bring with you.

* Walmart and Best Yet offer the cheapest reusable bags, selling each for less than .99.

* Stop & Shop boasts extensive signage outside of its stores to remind customers to bring their own bags.

Visit CCE’s website to view the full report.