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Source: The Syracuse Post-Standard

Letter to the editor: Fracking moratorium lets cooler heads prevail

Posted: December 7, 2010
Originally Published: December 7, 2010

To the Editor,

With strong bipartisan support, the New York State Legislature passed a moratorium on new permits for hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking) until May 15, 2011. Public support for the hydrofracking timeout is overwhelming. This sensible, proactive moratorium on dirty drilling must now be signed by Gov. David Paterson.

With a new governor set to assume office, many new members of the Legislature and new leadership at the state Department of Environmental Conservation, slowing the rush to drill allows New York state to continue deliberations with cool heads. Hydrofracking is a resource-intensive and polluting gas extraction method that creates volumes of liquid waste by-products, damages roads, stresses infrastructure and demands intense regulatory oversight and supervision.

The moratorium only applies to new vertical and horizontal oil and gas wells. The moratorium would not stop any wells that are currently in production, nor would it stop water wells from being drilled. Contrary to industry claims, this will not affect any current jobs, royalty payments or state and local tax revenues.

Gov. Paterson’s leadership is needed for the moratorium to become law to protect the water we drink, the air we breathe and the land we love.

Sarah Eckel
Legislative Director,
Citizens Campaign for the Environment Syracuse