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Source: WSYR Syracuse

Honeywell presents plan for Onondaga Lakeside transformation

Posted: December 10, 2010
Originally Published: December 9, 2010

Geddes (WSYR-TV) - The Geddes shoreline at Onondaga Lake may soon undergo a transformation. Thursday, Honeywell presented concept images of the park the shoreline could become between now and about 2016.

As early as Spring 2011, Honeywell could begin to plant trees and brush in the area that is currently barren on either side of Route 690 in Lakeland.

"Well, right now we see a crane and a very undeveloped place and we don't see any people enjoying the amazing wonderful beauty of the nature around us," said Dereth Glance of the Citizen's Campaign for the Environment.

Honeywell recently turned to the public for ideas on bringing that piece of shoreline back to life. Company representative John McAuliffe says the area has been cleaned and is currently being restored. "I really feel good about this project because it does allow us the opportunity to get some good input and bring it back to people and show them what it can be," he said.

By 2016, with the public's suggestions in mind, Honeywell says the shoreline will be transformed. Eventually, the park will include a multi-use trail for walkers and bikers, surrounded by grass and brush. Along with new boating and fishing access points.

The plan includes a lot of trees, but because of public requests to not block the view of the lake they will be planted in a way designed to frame the lake.

"It's exactly what we want people to do," said Glance. "When they come into our community you see the beauty of Onondaga Lake and you see the people recreating right next to it."

A visitor's facility and parking area is also being considered.

The project is being paid for by Honeywell and must be approved by the State Department of Environmental Conservation.