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Source: The Buffalo News

Letter to the editor: Schumer should drop plans to pursue ‘clean coal’ plant

Posted: August 21, 2009
Originally Published: August 20, 2009

I am writing in regard to the Aug. 14 article, “Shift in Jamestown ‘clean coal’ plans decried, lauded.” Environmentalists, Jamestown ratepayers and the public at large are hailing the decision of the Department of Energy and Praxair to decline the continued pursuit of the ill-conceived Jamestown coal plant proposal. A complete lack of necessity, exorbitant costs, unsuitable geology and detrimental impact to the environment have made the proposal a bad idea from the start.
The modest electrical needs for Jamestown could be met more cheaply and cleanly through a combination of energy efficiency, renewable energy production and modest purchases from the grid, rather than gambling upward of $500 million of taxpayer money on unproven carbon capture and storage technology.

Only a few remain unconvinced of the fact that this project is a loser. Among those is Sen. Charles Schumer, who vowed to use his political power to change Praxair’s mind and push the Jamestown project forward. So we have to ask, will Schumer side with the people by whom he was elected, or the coal industry?

Brian Smith

WNY Program Director, CitizensCampaign for the Environment