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Source: WSYR Syracuse

Activists travel to Albany to speak out against hydrofracking

Posted: April 12, 2011
Originally Published: April 11, 2011

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – A group of Central New Yorkers were up early Monday morning for a bus ride to the “Hydrofracking Day of Action” in Albany.

Hydrofracking is a natural gas drilling process in which chemicals are used to release the gas from deep underground. The process is under a moratorium in New York State.

“We’re working to get our legislators in Albany to enact specific policies to protect our air, land, water, and people throughout the whole state of New York from the drilling for natural gas,” said Jim Ferraro of the organization Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

Ferraro’s organization and several others involved in a broad coalition sought to have the process’ waste product classified as toxic waste. In addition, the organizations wanted to close loopholes that they say give companies involved in hydrofracking exemptions from prohibitive policies.

“There’s been numerous problems with this process in the other states throughout the country that are already using the process,” Ferraro said. “And, again, let’s learn from their mistakes rather than making the same ones here in New York.

Ferraro said 180 meetings are scheduled between anti-hydrofracking activists and lawmakers.