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Source: Legislative Gazette

Gov receives 1,000 fracking letters


Posted: December 7, 2011
Originally Published: December 5, 2011

The organizer of an anti-hydraulic fracturing letter writing campaign delivered more than 1,000 original letters from state citizens to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office shortly after noon last Monday.

DEC public hearings on high-volume hydraulic fracturing for natural gas resumed Tuesday in Sullivan County and the next day in Manhattan. There have been complaints that only a fraction of New Yorkers who wished to speak at two previous hearings on high-volume hydraulic fracturing were permitted time to do so.

"It's the biggest environmental issue in the history of New York state," said Patricia Wood, executive director of Grassroots Environmental Education.

The letters were submitted individually at www.amillionfrackingletters.com and include the names and addresses of each author. They were delivered by Doug Wood, the organizer of the website. They come from scientists, doctors, college professors, military officials, farmers and parents who are all concerned that drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale could contaminate the drinking water in New York.

"The governor is under tremendous pressure from the oil and gas lobbies to fast-track this inherently dangerous and destructive form of fossil fuel extraction," said Doug Wood.

"But understandably, the people of New York are overwhelmingly saying 'NO!' to contaminated air and water, threats to tourism and agriculture, higher taxes for infrastructure, exposure to radioactive waste water and the triumph of corporate greed over the best interests of the state. They're making their voices heard through these incredible letters."

Government Relations Director for Citizens Campaign for the Environment, William Cooke, who was present at the letter delivery said, "This [fracking] is reckless and dangerous and it is not in the best interest of 18 million New Yorkers. It's in the best interests of a few private companies and politicians that they rent."