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Source: Port Times Record

Kick the plastic habit

Posted: April 20, 2012
Originally Published: April 18, 2012

Image: Photo from the April 12, 2012, BYOB press conference.

From left, Northport Deputy Mayor Henry Tobin, Huntington Councilman Mark Mayoka, county Legislator Dr. William Spencer, Maureen Dolan Murphy of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone and Adrienne Esposito, executive director of CCE. Photo from Town of Huntington

Citizens Campaign for the Environment, in partnership with the Town of Huntington and the villages of Northport and Port Jefferson, on April 12 launched a Bring Your Own Bag campaign in those communities. The campaign involves educating residents and partnering with legislators and businesses to promote reusable bags in place of disposable ones that harm the environment.

The goal of the campaign is to change consumer behavior and have reusable bags become a permanent part of a consumer's shopping experience, town officials report. Single-use, disposable bags litter parks, beaches, highways, ball fields and other landscapes, according to the CCE. They also clog storm drains, pollute our oceans, bays and estuaries and kill wildlife. Plastic bags are a major source of plastic marine debris in the Sound.