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Source: The Journal News

Letter to the editor: Yorktown congratulated on pesticide ban

Posted: May 27, 2009
Originally Published: May 26, 2009

The Yorktown Town Board is to be commended for its bold action to ban pesticides on all town property. This decision saves up to $10,000, protects the environment and our water supply, and most importantly, safeguards the health of our children. With Gov. David Paterson's initiative to reduce pesticide use throughout our state park system, more bans are appropriate and necessary.

The New York Pesticides-Free Schools Act, which would ban the use of non-essential, toxic pesticides in school buildings and on school grounds (K-12), as well as day care facilities, has been introduced in both the state Assembly and Senate in 2009. Once passed, all communities will benefit by being free of the poisonous effects of chemical pesticides. Until then, let's follow Yorktown's lead and keep chemicals out of the water supply; lower rates of respiratory problems inflicting millions of children; and save thousands of dollars.

The title "Silent Spring" was meant to evoke a spring season in which no bird songs could be heard because pesticides caused our bird populations to vanish. A permanent pesticide ban in Yorktown will guarantee that we do not have a "Silent Yorktown." We can ensure healthy children playing on fields and birds flying above.

Matt Wallach

White Plains

The writer is Hudson Valley program coordinator for Citizens Campaign for the Environment.