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Source: The Syracuse Post-Standard

Letter to the editor: NYers continue to say 'no' to fracking

Posted: August 6, 2012
Originally Published: August 6, 2012

To the Editor:

Lenape Resources has threatened to sue New York if the state does not overturn local bans on fracking. It’s not surprising that once again the gas industry is employing dirty, underhanded tactics to ensure that their profits grow at the expense of New Yorkers’ health, clean water, and right to say no.

Since 2009, the people of New York have been fighting the industrialization of our air, land, and water for a dirty fossil fuel. New Yorkers want real economic development, not another boom-and-bust industry that will exploit our resources and leave us to clean up the mess.

After almost three years, the voices of those who want to protect our health, air, land and water from being poisoned by hydrofracking activities continue to grow. It’s time that the gas industry and Albany realize that we won’t be silenced, we don’t want more dirty fossil fuels and it’s time for real change in New York.

Sarah Eckel
Legislative and Policy Director

Citizens Campaign for the Environment