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Source: WABC-TV New York

Concerns over sewage leak in Rockaways


Posted: November 19, 2012
Originally Published: November 15, 2012

FAR ROCKAWAY, New York (WABC) -- 65 million gallons of partially treated sewage. That's what's being put everyday into a bay on Long Island after sandy shut down the nearby sewage treatment plant.

Mary Ann Giannino shutters to think what came inside her home during Sandy, massive amounts of sewage from the nearby Bay Park sewage treatment plant.

During the storm a neighbor took a picture of the sewage bubbling out of a manhole and joining with the flooding waters.

"I've wiped the walls the cabinets 80 times with bleach germicides its almost incomprehensible where the water is coming from," she said.

The thing is the plant is still leaking some 65 million gallons of partially treated sewage every day into Hewlett Bay.

Local environmental groups are extremely concerned. They say in the next two to three weeks some of that sewage may begin showing up in local beaches and marinas.

"We are very afraid it will be washing back up on the shore, Freeport, Long Beach, Oceanside, Island Park and those other bay communities it's the last thing they need right now," said Adrienne Espositio, with Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

Nassau County says its treating the sewage with lots of chlorine until it can get the plant fully operational again.

A spokesman for the Nassau Department of Public Works said in a statement to Eyewitness News:

"A joint federal state county critical response team is working tirelessly to repair the sewage treatment plant. The county in partnership with the DEC and EPA are closely monitoring the progress."