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Source: The Day

Editorial: Bye, Bye, Broadwater (we only hope)

Posted: April 16, 2009
Originally Published: April 15, 2009

A decision Monday by the federal Department of Commerce could at last deep-six the ill-conceived Broadwater proposal to locate a floating liquefied natural gas terminal and processing plant in Long Island Sound. Broadwater, a Shell Oil and TransCanada Pipeline partnership, had sought to overturn a New York ruling that called the project inconsistent with coastal protection laws, but department officials instead registered strong opposition.

The impact of building a 1,215-foot-long, 200-foot-wide platform and subsea pipeline 10 miles off Branford, as well as of bringing in large tanker ships, would be "highly significant when occurring in an area that is nationally prized for its unspoiled scenic beauty," the department ruled.

We couldn't agree more.

Broadwater officials, who for five years have been trying to obtain a variety of state and federal permits, say they have not decided whether to appeal Monday's decision. If they do, they will face an invigorated force of opponents, including governors, congressmen, attorneys general, recreational and commercial fishermen and environmental activists.

"For all practical purposes, it's over. They're dead," Adrienne Esposito, executive director of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment, said.

We hope she is right. To borrow an old fishing expression, it's time for Broadwater to cut bait.