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Source: Westchester.com

Larchmont Village Bans Plastic Bags

Posted: March 25, 2013
Originally Published: March 24, 2013

Larchmont, NY - Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) applauds the Larchmont Village Mayor and Board of Trustees for championing the latest resolution in New York State that bans the distribution of harmful plastic bags in stores.

The ban was passed by a unanimous vote last night. In place of plastic, the resolution mandates the use of reusable bags and paper bags produced of recycled materials.

“Plastic bags are environmentally harmful and completely unnecessary. CCE commends the Village of Larchmont for passing a resolution that will substantially increase reusable bag use among residents. This law will prevent the use of tens of thousands of plastic bags each year, which pollute Westchester’s parks and beaches and damage the Long Island Sound,” stated Jordan Christensen, Hudson Valley Program Coordinator for CCE.

Plastic bags pollute beaches, parks, streams, and roadways; clog storm drains, and kill wildlife. The Village of Larchmont joins other forward thinking municipalities that have banned plastic bags in New York, including the Village of Mamaroneck, City of Rye, Village of Southampton, and Village of East Hampton.

“The Village of Larchmont is the latest municipality in a growing regional movement to protect the Long Island Sound and to reduce litter by banning disposable bags. Globally, waterfront communities have been leading this movement in order to protect the beaches, estuaries, and oceans that their residents rely on. Yesterday’s vote represents a significant step towards protecting environment and promoting BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) behavior,” concluded Ms. Christensen.