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Source: Mid-Hudson News

United Water ordered to discontinue pursuit of desalination plant

Posted: November 14, 2014
Originally Published: November 14, 2014

ALBANY – The state Public Service Commission ordered United Water to stop its pursuit of a desalination plant on the Hudson River in North Rockland County.

The state agency said on Thursday that due to changes circumstances there was no longer any immediate need for a new water supply source in the company’s New York territory.

State Senator David Carlucci (D, 38) said he was “pleased with the PSC rule on the side of the consumer.

“This is extremely refreshing to see the Public Service Commission rule on the side of consumers. It is something we don’t see too often,” Carlucci said.

County Executive Edwin Day, a Republican, was also pleased with the decision.

“It really was a near debacle by the state agencies so it’s good to see some action at this point,” Day said. “Clearly the people in Rockland County had serious questions about a desal plant. It’s a bit frustrating to see how long it took and how many dollars were expended.”

Jordan Christensen, program coordinator for Citizens Campaign for the Environment, said the PSC ruling was “an overwhelming victory” for the people of Rockland.

The commission also said because a new water source could be required some time down the road, United Water should begin work immediately to identify and develop alternatives to meet the region’s water needs, including greater conservation efforts or other supply alternatives.

The PSC also called on the Rockland County Joint Task Force on Water Resource Management to report to it on its plans for adopting conservation options and the demand reductions associated with those measures.