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Source: Newsday

Board adopts county standards for solar


Posted: August 11, 2015
Originally Published: August 11, 2015

The Brookhaven Town Board has adopted guidelines that seek to restrict where commercial solar arrays may be constructed and requires them to preserve open space.

The board on Thursday voted unanimously to adopt a code released earlier this year by the Suffolk County Planning Commission. No one spoke against the code during a hearing before the vote.

Hours before the vote, a state Supreme Court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Shoreham residents seeking to block construction of a 60-acre solar array at DeLalio Sod Farms on State Route 25A.

The county solar code adopted by Brookhaven requires about a third of land to be open space, excluding spaces between panels, and requires arrays to be built on industrial properties, not farmland.

The code received support from Jordan Christensen, program coordinator of the nonprofit Citizens Campaign for the Environment in Farmingdale. She said the code "will create a uniform set of standards" and encourage "an improved market for solar power."