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CCE's primary goal is to empower individual citizens to have a stronger voice and greater influence in the development and implementation of public policies affecting our water, land, air, and health in the New York and Connecticut region. Check out our online petitions to see how you can help build the movement to win these important campaigns. It's quick, simple, and effective!

Unlined salt caverns.

Prevent LPG Storage in Seneca Lake's Salt Caverns

Crestwood Midstream has proposed a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage facility be constructed in the abandoned salt caverns under Seneca Lake. LPG stored in the salt caverns puts Seneca Lake at...
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Pesticide use warning sign.

Protect Connecticut's Children from Dangerous Pesticides

In order to protect the health of our children, pesticide exposure must be reduced or eliminated wherever possible. I urge Governor Malloy and the CT General Assembly to expand Connecticut’s K-8...
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Smokestacks polluting air.

Stop the Attacks on Our Environment and Health: Save The EPA!

The President has proposed to slash the EPA budget, eliminate funding for programs to restore the Great Lakes and Long Island Sound, and cut programs to fight climate change. This would decimate...
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