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Friday, August 10, 2012
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CCE commends Governor at Bill Signing Ceremony in Hartford

(Hartford, CT) –CCE applauded Governor Malloy as he signed the Sewage Right to Know Act (PA 12-11) into law today. Governor Malloy was joined by CCE Program Coordinator Louis W. Burch, CCE Government Relations Director William Cooke, DEEP Deputy Commissioner Mackey McCleary, and a bi-partisan group of legislators from both houses of the assembly to commemorate the innovative new legislation. The law will now require the state to notify the public whenever sewage overflows contaminate local waterways.

Raw sewage overflows contaminate ground and surface waters, flood our streets, and can back up into homes or other buildings. Members of the public can often be seen swimming, boating, fishing, or playing in areas that have recently been contaminated with sewage.

Timely notification about sewage overflows will allow the public to avoid unnecessary exposure to dangerous sewage pollution. Public notification about sewage overflows will also increase public awareness about the scope of Connecticut’s sewage problems, potentially spurring increased investment in improving the state’s aging and failing sewage infrastructure.

“It’s unconscionable that families would unknowingly be exposed to harmful pathogens when they head out to their favorite beach or fishing spot. This monumental law will allow families to make informed decisions, and avoid unnecessary exposure to harmful sewage pollution,” said said Louis Burch, Connecticut Program Coordinator for Citizens Campaign for the Environment.
“Sewage contamination will no longer be out of sight and out of mind, prompting a real discussion on the need to upgrade our state’s failing sewage infrastructure. CCE applauds Governor Malloy and the General Assembly for this important law, and we look forward to working with DEEP to ensure swift and effective implementation.”


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