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Monday, August 13, 2012
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Adrienne Esposito, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, 516-390-7150, 631-384-1378 (mobile), aesposito@citizenscampaign.org
Rob Weltner, Operation SPLASH, 516-993-4991 (mobile)


Jones Beach Outfall Pipe Hook-up to Ocean Outfall Completed - Will Help Protect Zachs Bay and Western Bays

Farmingdale, NY—Environmentalists celebrated the completion of the long-awaited construction project that connects the Jones Beach Sewage Treatment Plant outfall pipe to the Cedar Creek Sewage Treatment Plant outfall pipe. The Jones Beach STP was discharging into the Western Bays, a severely degraded waterway. The treated sewage will now be discharged, via the Cedar Creek outfall pipe, into the Ocean.

“Connecting the Jones Beach STP to Cedar Creek diverts effluent from the Western Bays into the ocean and will bring us water quality improvements to the Western Bays. The completion of this project means residents, boaters, and beachgoers will have cleaner bays this summer. In particular, the popular Zachs Bay, which has been prone to beach closures in the past, will be a safer beach for families who love this area!,” stated Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

The Jones Beach STP outfall pipe was discharging in to the Western Bays, a sub-region of the South Shore Estuary Reserve, extending from the western boundary of the Town of Hempstead to the Nassau/Suffolk County line. These embayments are an extensive area of shallow water and salt marsh islands connected by channels and tidal creeks. The bays contain the greatest concentration of salt marsh islands. They are home to many species of marine and bird life, including hard shell clams, flounder, Snowy Egrets and Blue Herons.

“This project will go a long way to improving the overall water quality in this highly used area just in time for the busy summer season,” stated Rob Weltner, President, Operation SPLASH.

Studies are currently underway evaluating the water quality, fish populations and currents within these embayments. Much of the preliminary results points to too much discharge from STPs entering the system and not being able to flush out to the ocean as previously thought.



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