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Wednesday, December 19, 2012
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Adrienne Esposito, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, 516-390-7150, 631-1378 (mobile), aesposito@citizenscampaign.org
Rob Weltner, Operation SPLASH, 516-993-4991


Environmentalists and Community Organizations Support Privatization of Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant and Urge Critical Upgrades

Freeport, NY-- During Superstorm Sandy, the Bay Park STP completely failed, discharging raw and partially sewage into bays, homes, and throughout streets. The STP needs to be rebuilt and modernized. Today, Environmentalists released 10 key objectives for Nassau County to implement to ensure protection of public health and the Western Bays, including: supporting privatization of the plant, modernizing the plant to treat nitrogen, installing monitors at the outfall pipe, and creating a public oversight committee.

“Rebuilding Bay Park STP without transitioning and modernizing it, is not recovery,” stated Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment. “We need the County to be aggressive in upgrading this plant to provide for a safer, clearer future. Merely, fixing the facility is not enough.”

“This is an opportunity we must not pass up. Our chance to go from destruction to reconstruction and finally get our bays healthy again is here now,” stated Rob Weltner, president, Operation SPLASH.

“The effluent from the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant has been having egregious impacts to the environment and quality of life in the western bays for a long time. Failure of the aging sewage system infrastructure during and since Hurricane Sandy is now contributing to the most serious of the storm induced impacts to Long Island’s environment. The best way to mitigate impacts from the failure of the plant is to modernize it, upgrade treatment, and appropriately relocate a new outfall,” stated Carl LoBue, Senior Marine Scientist, The Nature Conservancy on Long Island.

Stakeholder organizations have spent hours researching options and meeting with experts to assess and outline a new path forward for managing Nassau County’s sewage infrastructure.

“Sandy revealed just how vulnerable our sewage treatment infrastructure is. The position paper we offer [here today] is a solid blueprint for elevating the Bay Park plant to top grade working order. It is imperative and incumbent upon those responsible for County infrastructure to proactively implement the paper's 10 objectives. Effectuating them will serve to reverse the degradation currently imperiling our Western Bays and restore them to clean and healthful status - critical for saving Nassau County's threatened south shore,” stated Gerald Ottavino, Co-chair Point Lookout Civic Association Environmental Committee.

“The Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant has been overlooked and in disrepair for more than a decade. Accepting polluting our environment and quality of life daily in the Western Bays has to stop. Sandy proved how fragile the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant is. With such devastation we urge the Federal Government to fund the rebuilding, upgrade and modernization of the Bay Park Sewer Treatment Plant,” stated Scott Bochner, Sludge Stoppers Taskforce.

The Bay Park STP discharges between 58-65 million gallons of treated sewage a day into the bays and new science documents this treated sewage effluent stays in the bays and sloshes back and forth. These south shore waters are experiencing degraded water quality, high ammonia levels, increased ulva, and high nitrate contamination. .

The position paper released today is the end results of six months of stakeholder organizations researching options and meeting with experts to assess and outline a new path forward for managing Nassau County’s sewage infrastructure



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