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Monday, May 6, 2013
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Stop & Shop Opposes Mamaroneck’s Pro-Environmental Bag Ban and Angers Environmentalists

Town of Mamaroneck – In an unfortunate turn of events, Stop & Shop went from good to bad when it comes to reducing pollution from disposable plastic bags. In 2010 and 2011, CCE released two reports that analyzed grocery stores’ policies on reuseable bags. Stop & Shop received an A+. The report highlighted Stop & Shop’s positive efforts to encourage reuseable shopping bags to replace harmful plastic bags. However, Stop & Shop has abandoned pro-environmental objectives, and at the Town of Mamaroneck’s recent public hearing, testified in opposition to the proposed pro-environmental bag ban.

“Stop & Shop quickly went from an ‘A’ to an ‘F’. Grocery stores that obstruct bag bans are not helping communities or the environment. Worse, they are promoting pollution. It has to stop. We need Stop & Shop to be a leader and get rid of the ubiquitous plastic bag,” stated Adrienne Esposito, CCE Executive Director.

Stop & Shop has complied with and embraced bag bans in other communities. In the town of Westport, CT, Stop & Shop hung large signs thanking and congratulating the Town for its bold actions to protect our environment.

“Stop & Shop has done a flip-flop on its plastic bag policy,” said Esposito. “Does Stop & Shop believe that Mamaroneck is less entitled than Westport to a clean community?”

Stop & Shop is the largest grocer in the town of Mamaroneck and has been the most vocal opponent of Mamaroneck’s legislation to ban. Smaller grocers in the Village of Mamaroneck have complied with the bag ban, which was implemented on April 1, 2013. No business in the Village of Larchmont expressed any concern about the ban on plastic bags at the public hearing and vote last month. The Villages of East Hampton and Southampton both have successfully implemented a ban.

“Stop & Shop claims to be ‘taking giant steps to protect the environment,’ yet its actions are shackling Mamaroneck to the antiquated, environmentally harmful plastic bag. Grocers in the Village of Mamaroneck and in communities around the globe have made a seamless transition away from plastic bags. Community members need to stand up and demand Stop & Shop become an environmental leader,” stated Jordan Christensen, CCE Program Coordinator.

Plastic bags never fully break down. The average plastic bag is used for 12 minutes but remains in our landfills and waterways for centuries. Plastic bags kill aquatic life, strangle birds, litter parks and beaches, clog storm drains, and pollute the Long Island Sound and Hudson River.

“Bag bans in communities across the globe have proven extremely successful in reducing litter and encouraging environmentally friendly reusable bags,” said Christensen. “The residents of Mamaroneck support a ban, but Stop & Shop’s opposition is hindering Mamaroneck from making a positive change in the community.”


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