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Friday, June 11, 2010
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New York City, NY - I am Matt Wallach with Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE). CCE applauds Assemblyman Englebright and Senator Addabbo and their colleagues in calling for a sensible moratorium on the controversial and risky fracking for gas in New York State. There is no hydro-fracking rush. From flammable, drinking water in Dimock to methane and fracking fluid spewing into the Pennsylvania sky, the warning signs on the dangers of hydro-fracking are crystal clear.

New York must learn from her neighbor in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is adopting retroactive moratoriums on hydro-fracking. New York must take a pro-active role based on precaution. The real costs incurred from fracking gas are high and will be borne by taxpayers. Hydro-fracking puts costly burdens on wastewater infrastructure and roads. The effective oil and gas lobby has secured a laundry list of exemptions from the Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Water Act, and Superfund—increasing the costs for regular citizens.

Clean and safe drinking water is a public right and a public trust. That is why Congress directed EPA to examine the full effects and risks between hydro-fracking and drinking water. New Yorkers deserve the right to see the results of this study, learn all the risks associated with the process, and compare hydro-fracking with sustainable means of energy production. Gone are the days that we can trust the oil and gas industry—we demand sound science, sustainable energy production, and protection of our priceless water resources.

New Yorkers have sent over 20,000 letters to the New York State Legislature and over 23,000 citizens have signed petitions in support of adopting a common-sense moratorium on fracking in New York. New Yorkers know the cost of pollution too well. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The Legislature must enact a moratorium on fracking gas now!


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