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Friday, December 20, 2013
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Brian Smith, Program & Communications Director, 716-831-3206, bsmith@citizenscampaign.org


Environmental group hails law to address lingering source of mercury pollution

Albany, NY—Yesterday, Governor Cuomo signed the Mercury Thermostat Collection Act (S.1676A/A.8084) into law. The bill was passed by the Senate and Assembly in June, and was recently delivered to the Governor’s desk. The law will require thermostat manufacturers to collect and safely dispose of mercury-containing thermostats, a major source of mercury in the waste stream. In response to the Governor’s signing of the bill, Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) released the following statement:

“Mercury contamination is a widely studied and dangerous source of pollution. Mercury contamination impairs children’s ability to walk, talk, and learn. It bioaccumulates in fish, making them inedible and harms wildlife. In New York, hundreds of thousands of mercury containing thermostats are discarded annually, threatening public health and the environment. This important law will help ensure that these thermostats are taken out of the waste stream and disposed of safely, addressing a significant and lingering source of mercury pollution in New York. The law rightfully makes manufacturers responsible for their product throughout the product’s lifecycle.

CCE commends Governor Cuomo, as well as Senator Grisanti and Assemblyman Sweeney, for their leadership in protecting our environment and public health from dangerous mercury pollution.”


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