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For immediate release:
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
For more information contact:
Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director, 6313907150, aesposito@citizenscampaign.org


CCE calls for swift passage of GMO right-to-know legislation in New York

Albany, NY—Today CCE joined with legislators, environmental groups, consumer rights advocates, and hundreds of New Yorkers to rally in support of legislation (A. 617B Rosenthal / S. 485B LaValle) to mandate labeling of GMO foods in New York. Adrienne Esposito, CCE Executive Director, spoke at the rally and released the following statement:

“While China, Russia, and more than 60 other countries require GMO labeling, New Yorkers are still being left in the dark. Our legislators must listen to the more than 90% of the public that supports GMO labeling, not the corporate lobbyists that are using scare tactics and falsely claiming that GMO labeling will cause the price of groceries to skyrocket.

We do know that herbicide-resistant GMOs are leading to an increased use of toxic pesticides, including a probable carcinogen, glyphosate. New Yorkers deserve the right-to-know if the food they buy is perpetuating the use of toxic pesticides that are polluting our land and water.

With the growing environmental and health concerns surrounding GMOs, we deserve the right to know if GMOs are in the food we feed to our families. CCE commends Senator LaValle and Assemblywoman Rosenthal for their leadership in fighting for our right to know, and urge the legislature to act without delay. New Yorkers deserve the right-to-know if it’s GMO!”


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