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Wednesday, July 28, 2010
For more information contact:
Brittany Ferenz, CT Program Coordinator, 203-785-9080, bferenz@citizenscampaign.org
Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director, 516-390-7150, 631-384-1378 (mobile), aesposito@citizenscampaign.org


Press Statement from Brittany Ferenz, CCE Connecticut Program Coordinator

Branford, CT – My name is Brittany Ferenz, Program Coordinator with Citizens Campaign for the Environment. The 2010 Testing the Waters report highlights a clear need to continually reduce polluted run-off to keep our beaches open and healthy. We must remember that if it is on the ground, it flows to the Sound. All our pesticides, fertilizers, pet droppings and trash are carried to our waterways. Polluted run-off further taxes our already stressed water infrastructure.

The good news is that we have manageable and cost effective solutions to these problems. To reduce stormwater pollution, we need to slow the flow, soak it in, and spread it out. Communities can invest in sensible and inexpensive green infrastructure projects such as permeable pavement, vegetated swales, maintaining native vegetation, rain gardens and green roofs. Green infrastructure harnesses nature, allowing the earth to absorb the water and slowing its release into storm systems. These solutions are cheap, easy and effective.

A wonderful example of how a municipality can help would be the Green Bridgeport project, where the city gave away hundreds of rain barrels to residents who requested them. Green Bridgeport is model program that seeks to engage the public to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. We are the solution to water pollution, but we need municipalities to assist us in these efforts.


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