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Tuesday, March 1, 2011
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New Poll Shows Public Strongly Supports Role of Environmental Protection Agency to Protect Environment & Health

Farmingdale, NY – As Congress works on the federal budget, the public continues to be strongly in support of clean air to breath and clean water to drink. The anti-regulatory efforts by Congress target EPA and dramatically weaken protections for America’s air, water and lands.

A recent poll of over 1,000 conservative, moderate, and liberal registered voters responded that they highly value air quality and support the EPA moving forward with air pollution standards as well as moving forward with regulating climate change causing emissions. The same poll showed that “reducing regulations on businesses” was less important than clean air and water.

Of those polled, 18% considered themselves liberal, 37% considered themselves moderate and 41% considered themselves conservative.

“No matter one’s political persuasion, we can all agree on the need for clean air and clean water,” said Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director for Citizens Campaign for the Environment. “Gutting the EPA and giving polluters free reign to spew toxins into our air and water is dangerous, unhealthy, and expensive. The significant and disproportionate cuts to the EPA won’t be remembered for savings us money but rather for costing us lives.”

Proposed cuts to the EPA and to efforts designed to restore and protect water bodies would undermine restoration efforts from Orient Point to the shores of Lake Erie. Long Island Sound, an estuary of National significance is budgeted for almost a 60% decrease in proposed funding which would result in adversely impacting efforts to advance shellfish restoration, replant sea grass beds, install fish ladders, meet nitrogen pollution standards and restore wetlands.

Dramatic cuts will adversely impact EPA efforts to remediate toxic waste sites, ensure our beaches are free of sewage, reduce mercury in air emissions, and protect drinking supplies from contaminates including toxic pesticides.

The poll, taken by the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research firm mid-February had 1024 participants. It was commissioned by the American Lung Association. Here are some strong environmental results:

• 77% favor stricter limits on the amount of carbon dioxide that power plants and other industrial facilities can release.

• 74% favor an increase in the fuel efficiency standards, or miles per gallon, that heavy duty trucks must achieve.

• Over 75% of people believe that “protecting the quality of air we breathe” is an important issue that we face today.

• 68% of people believe that reducing air pollution is extremely or somewhat important.

• 69% of voters polled favor the EPA, updating standards with stricter limits on air pollution.

• 79% favor stricter limits on the amount of mercury that power plants and other industrial facilities can release.

• 77% favor stricter limits on the amount of smog that power plants, oil refineries and other industrial facilities can release.

“It appears that the House of Representatives is putting forth a budget that reflects a political ideology of industrial mayhem. This budget takes us back decades when industry ran rampant and rivers were so polluted they went on fire,” said Esposito, “Only ignorance and greed would promote an agenda that clearly sacrifices our health and our future in the name of “progress”.

“Some in Congress may have already forgotten what happened in the Gulf last spring. I can assure them that millions of their constituents have not. If there is anything that the catastrophic oil spill has taught us, it is that we need to strengthen the relationship and communication between industry, elected leaders, and our oversight agencies, not abandon it or water it down to the point of malfunction,” concluded Esposito.

Poll Results


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