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Monday, September 26, 2011
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Lack of leadership leaves New York behind on offshore wind

Buffalo, NY- Environmentalists are calling on Governor Cuomo to get off the sidelines and provide much needed leadership to advance the development of clean, renewable energy in New York State. The New York Power Authority (NYPA) Board meets tomorrow, where, after over a year of review, they are planning to officially vote to abandon the Great Lakes Offshore Wind (GLOW) initiative. NYPA issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in December of 2009 for an offshore wind project in Lake Erie and/or Lake Ontario, between 120 and 500 megawatts.

“When it comes to wind, it’s not what he has done; it’s what he hasn’t done that’s the problem. Cuomo has failed to provide the leadership necessary of a governor to advance renewable energy,” said Brian Smith, Communications and Program Director. “While candidate Cuomo provided a strong vision for a renewable energy future that helped him to get elected, Governor Cuomo has lost sight of that vision. We would like the two men to get reacquainted,” continued Smith.

As New York moves to the sidelines, we are being surpassed by other states that are aggressively pursuing offshore wind, such as Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, and Massachusetts. Instead of providing leadership to advance offshore wind, Governor Cuomo has instead focused on rushing along a process to allow dirty gas drilling in New York State. While the Governor has been mum on offshore wind, his administration is forging ahead with a process to permit hydro-fracking, while limiting the involvement of a concerned citizenry that is not convinced of the benefits of fracking in New York.

“Cuomo’s bad energy choices will only feed New York’s addiction to dirty fossil fuels, while failing to advance a clean energy economy,” said Smith. “If Cuomo does not step up and provide the necessary leadership, we can chalk GLOW up to one more painful missed opportunity for Western New York.”

On the same day that the story was leaked that the GLOW project would be abandoned by NYPA, NYPA participated in an announcement about the leasing of land for a potential offshore wind project in the Atlantic Ocean.

“NYPA did nothing to appease the masses of clean energy supporters in New York by taking this baby step towards offshore wind downstate while simultaneously taking a giant leap backwards on the upstate process,” said Smith. “NYPA’s disingenuous move is nothing more than pandering to the public, and not an effective solution to our state’s energy crisis.”

NYPA’s expected announcement on the GLOW project will likely come despite overwhelming public support for a process to bring offshore wind to our Great Lakes. More than 12,000 members of the public signed petitions to support the GLOW process. Wind energy is pollution free, decreases our dependence on fossil fuels, creates domestic jobs, and bolsters local economies.



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