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Post Date Description
7/16/2018 CCE in the news: "Organizers want Sand Land site closed after Suffolk groundwater report".
7/16/2018 CCE in the news: "Governor Cuomo Announces Plan Directing The Procurement Of Approximately 800 Megawatts Of Offshore Wind To Jumpstart Industry".
7/16/2018 CCE in the news: "Clam, oyster shells used for barrier reef project on Long Island".
7/16/2018 CCE in the news: "Hempstead Town Uses Shells To Create Barrier Reef ".
7/13/2018 Alert: Get a Free Smart Sprinkler Controller (Port Washington and Massapequa, NY residents: ACT NOW!)
7/12/2018 CCE in the news: "Contaminated Superfund Site On Long Island Prompts Lawsuit".
7/11/2018 CCE in the news: "Cancer-Causing Chemical Found In Many Beauty, Soap Products".
7/11/2018 CCE in the news: "Study: Hidden carcinogen found in popular baby products, shampoos".
7/10/2018 CCE in the news: "Starbucks to end use of plastic straws by 2020".
7/9/2018 CCE in the news: "Tests rank household products with high dioxane levels, LI group says".
7/9/2018 CCE in the news: "Tests find likely carcinogen in common household cleaners".
7/9/2018 CCE Releases Independent Test Results on 30 Common Consumer Products for 1,4-Dioxane (PDF Report)
7/6/2018 Highlights and Happenings: June 2018
7/5/2018 CCE in the news: "High Metal Levels In Sand Mine Wells".
6/30/2018 CCE in the news: "Sand mine report expected to show high metal levels".
6/29/2018 CCE in the news: "Common chemicals in fruit, orchard industry linked to deadly bee malady".
6/25/2018 CCE in the news: "New Jersey pulls ahead of New York in bag fee, but measure still faces uncertainty".
6/22/2018 CCE in the news: "NYC 'Styrofoam' ban coming in early 2019".
6/22/2018 CCE in the news: "Gov. Cuomo calls for better monitoring of air quality in schools following Eyewitness News report".
6/22/2018 CCE in the news: "Opinion: Albany theatrics continue".
6/22/2018 Victory: New York State Passes Landmark Drug Take Back Act!
6/19/2018 Alert: Support Wind: Now or Never (Expired)
6/18/2018 CCE in the news: "Malloy designates water as a public trust".
6/15/2018 CCE in the news: "Another Voice: Drug disposal bill shouldn't get lost in Albany shuffle".
6/12/2018 Alert: Keep Our Water Drug-Free! (New York State residents: ACT NOW!)
6/7/2018 Alert: Fight Plastic Bag Pollution in Nassau County (Nassau County, NY residents: ACT NOW!)
6/5/2018 Highlights and Happenings: May 2018
6/4/2018 CCE in the news: "Long Island waters threatened by excess nitrogen".
6/4/2018 CCE in the news: "First Of State's Expanded Artificial Reefs Installed".
6/4/2018 Press Release: "Landmark DEC Report Calls for Pharmaceutical Industry to Fund Safe Drug Disposal in New York State ".
6/1/2018 Alert: Tell Hartford Lawmakers to Adopt the State Water Plan (Connecticut residents: ACT NOW!)
5/30/2018 Event: Change Out Your Old Septic System (Expired)
5/29/2018 CCE in the news: "Controversial herbicide spraying to begin on state roads".
5/25/2018 CCE in the news: "Fees for single-use bags backed in Nassau".
5/25/2018 CCE in the news: "New Response Plan For Whale Strandings Unveiled".
5/25/2018 CCE in the news: "Some Environmentalists Cry Foul Over Measures Taken To Protect Endangered Bird On Long Island".