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Representing over 80,000 members throughout New York and Connecticut, CCE has been working for over 25 years to protect our natural resources and public health. We’re proud to say that we are almost completely citizen funded; allowing CCE to remain a strong and independent citizens’ organization. Become a member or renew your support to ensure citizens have an effective voice in policies affecting our natural resources and public health.

You can become a member by contributing $25 OR MORE via check or through our online services. When you become a member, CCE will keep you up to date on our current issues by communicating with you at your home, by phone, and through our email action alerts. In addition, you can look forward to our regular updates, Highlights & Happenings, which are always available right here on our website.

Your support fuels effective CCE campaigns that protect our water, reduce toxic chemical exposure, preserve open space and wildlife habitat, and promote sensible energy policies while solving the climate crisis, so we do encourage you to make larger contributions whenever possible. Your generosity allows us to continue our mission of empowering communities and advocating solutions.


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